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All music composed and performed on a Nintendo Game Boy DMG-01 using Johan Kotlinksi's LSDj software (version 3.8.7).

No events scheduled
04.30.16 CADENCE 23: A Harmonic Intervention
@Prince of Bronze warehouse, LIC [NYC]
03.05.16 OCTARINE XL
@The Grand Victory [Brooklyn, NY]
12.19.15 Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, exileFaker
@Palisades [Brooklyn, NY]
11.14.15 23 Windows Fall Salon
@23 Windows [Brooklyn, NY]
08.29.15 Maxo, Bit Shifter, exileFaker
@Palisades [Brooklyn, NY]
03.21.15 Kick.snare
@Palisades [Brooklyn, NY]
11.05.14 Starpause, rhinoid and exileFaker
@Goodbye Blue Monday [Brooklyn, NY]
05.24.14 Kick.Snare
@The Branded Saloon [Brooklyn, NY]
10.17.13- 8static Festival 2013
10.19.13 @First Unitarian Church
[Philadelphia, PA]
08.09.13- Toy Company Festival 2013
08.10.13 @Société des arts technologiques
[Montreal, QC]
07.01.13 I/O Chip Music
@Bizarre Bushwick [Brooklyn, NY]
06.21.13 Make Chip Music NY 2013
@The Branded Saloon [Brooklyn, NY]
06.20.13 Salon
@23 Windows [Brooklyn, NY]
04.20.13 Toy Company
@Foonzo [Montreal, QC]
12.14.12 Fix CultureFix: A Low-Bit Fundraiser
@CultureFix [Manhattan, NY]
@Magic Futurebox [Brooklyn, NY]
11.10.12 8STATIC 2F
@PhilaMOCA [Philadelphia, PA]
10.05.12 I/O Third Anniversary
@Vaudeville Park [Brooklyn, NY]
07.13.12- HOPE Number 9
07.14.12 @Hotel Pennsylvania [Manhattan, NY]
06.26.12 Iron Curtain's Birthday Show!
@Brooklyn Fire Proof East [Brooklyn, NY]
06.21.12 Make Chip Music New York 2K12
@Branded Saloon [Brooklyn, NY]
05.25.12- Blip Festival 2012 NYC
05.27.12 @The Gramercy Theatre [Manhattan, NY]
04.13.12 exileFaker in Kyoto
@cafe la siesta [Kyoto, JP]
03.31.12 Pulsewave
@The Tank [Manhattan, NY]
02.10.12- Toy Company Festival
02.11.12 @Jackie & Judy [Montreal, QC]
12.09.11 I/O Chip Music BRKlyn
@Vaudeville Park [Brooklyn, NY]
10.15.11 Byte Nyte 5
@The Hour Haus [Baltimore, MD]
09.19.11 During this show, Lerman turns 30
@Fontana's [Manhattan, NY]
08.26.11 Third Generation Chip Music Showcase
@PhilaMOCA [Philadelphia, PA]
07.03.11 Bleeps^Bklyn III
@(private residence) [Brooklyn, NY]
06.21.11 Make Music NY outdoor show
@Ferrari Driving School [Queens, NY]
06.19.11 Special guest following Jeff Donaldson's prepared NES performance
@microscope gallery [Brooklyn, NY]
05.19.11- Blip Festival 2011 NYC
05.21.11 @Eyebeam [Manhattan, NY]
04.02.11 Handmade Music
@CultureFix [Manhattan, NY]
03.15.11 Datapop 5.0
@The Highball [Austin, TX]
12.10.10 4th Anniversary Party
@DijitalFix [Brooklyn, NY]
11.20.10 The Engadget Show
@The Times Center [Manhattan, NY]
11.14.10 Handmade Music
@CultureFix [Manhattan, NY]
11.07.10 I/O
@Fontana's [Manhattan, NY]
10.10.10 Handmade Music
@CultureFix [Manhattan, NY]
08.10.10 OMG FRANZ
@Spike Hill [Brooklyn, NY]
06.21.10 IAMNY!
@Gansevoort Plaza [NYC]
05.08.10 8static
@Studio34 [Philadelphia, PA]
02.27.10 Pulsewave
@The Tank [Manhattan, NY]
02.01.10 I/O
@Niagara [Manhattan, NY]
01.04.10 This is Pop?
@Bar Matchless [Brooklyn, NY]
12.21.09 Chip music show
@Death By Audio [Brooklyn, NY]

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Live recordings from Blip Festival 2011 available for download at the Free Music Archive: